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SALVATORE SARRACCO - La mediazione delle controversie economico-patrimoniali di famiglia
La mediazione delle controversie economico-patrimoniali di famiglia

di Salvatore Sarracco

Data di pubblicazione: 26 ottobre 2017

The paper examines the peculiar aspects of mediation in economic and patrimonial family disputes, highlighting the positive implications that it poses both to the sociological ground and, more closely, to the legal-economic one.
The current status of Italian legislation on the subject is described, moving from the analysis of the events followed to the introduction in Italian law of Legislative Decree no. 28/2010 on civil and commercial mediation and, in parallel, following the difficult path of family mediation, mainly due to the lack of an organic discipline in this area.
Such a regulatory gap therefore considerably limits the potential operativeness of family mediation, essentially relegated to a voluntary and extrajudicial approach, whereas, on the other hand, the only hypothesis of judicial matrix can be found in the art. 337 octies of civil code on judicial measures concerning children.
Declined, then, the techniques commonly used to reach a mediation experience with concrete results, three patrimonial macro-areas of the mediator activity are focused: the area of ​​analysis of income and expenditure of spouses (or cohabitants), in order to look at solutions to the various issues that may arise in the family environment; the area inherent in how to pay maintenance and alimony, for couples intending to separate, having regard to the different profiles of responsibility; finally, the area of ​​assessment of common property, when there is no margin for reconstitution of the family, in order to provide for a fair division between the parties in conflict.
The contribution ends with the urgent necessity of a national law that fully recognizes and supports the family mediator profession, in view of the peaceful resolution of delicate and complex family disputes.

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